Lower Floor Layout

Lower Floor Layout

I build homes and other items within Second Life, and many of them I first plot out for something that I can follow when building in world, this is one of the layouts for the bottom level of a home that I started to build.

Toronto Pagan Pride Day - FaceBook header

Toronto Pagan Pride FaceBook Header for 2013

This was one of the headers that I came up for Toronto Pagan Pride to use on their FaceBook page, its one of many renditions that they have commissioned over the lifetime of the page itself.

Nyx Cole - FaceBook Header

Personal FaceBook Header

Many of us have images that we use for our personal and business based FaceBook headers, this is one of many such headers that has been developed over the years to showcase ones skills and promote ones self to those who view their page.

Ana's FaceBook Header

Ana’s FaceBook Header (old)

This image was first created for Ana Franolic for use as her FaceBook header image to help promote her business to a wider audience outside of friends and family.

Original Site for Ana

Ana Franolic – Business Website (old design)

This was the original design for Ana Franolic to promote her home business. She wonted a site that was organic and calming, easy for her to update on her own with as little hassle as possible, thus a WordPress base was chosen and coded to work to her specific wishes and needs.

WINScoop - Site

WINscoop – Website

WINscoop was a community based newspaper and as part of the paper they commissioned a web site to be developed that took off from where the paper finished. We worked with the client to develop a site to fit in with the paper that we’d also been commissioned to produce, thus part of the site itself was actually a Online digital version of the published paper (PDF format in full plus select pages and ads).

Wolf Howl Project

The Wolf Howl Project – Site

The Wolf Howl Project was a community project bringing awareness to the wolves, part of the project was to create wearable masks and the site itself was designed to draw awareness to the project with images of the masks being provided by Alex B. Wright Photography rest of the images provided by the client.

404 Error Image

404 Error Page Image

After looking at various 404 Error Page listings Online it got me to thinking that it might be nice to have something like that for my own sites and clients sites thus the above image was one of several that I created to fill that personal need.

Toronto Pagan Pride Day - Site

Toronto Pagan Pride – Website

This commission was dun for Toronto Pagan Pride to showcase and draw attention to the annual event that they held each year called Pagan Pride Day. The site went though many different renditions over the years from standard HTML to its move over to WordPress. All images on the site where provided by the client save the social media icons.