Michelangelos David

Michelangelo’s David

This is from a series of painting that I created while staying in Florance, Italy and Niece. I visited the Galleria dell’Accademia to see the sculpture of Michelangelo’s David in person altering having heard a lot about it and seem many images of it growing up and in various art history books. While there I sketched several angles of David and this particular angle was the one that I chose to work on. It was dun using Pencil and Water Colour and was dun in the theme of the location that I was staying in at the time.

Kantu's Badge

Kantu’s Badge

This badge was drawn in Photoshop for Norman of hir fursona Kantu according to the spec that I had for hir. The post itself was taken from a photograph that I had of Norman in a similar position.

Cartoon Dog Head

Cartoon Dog Head

I was fooling around in Photoshop working on an assignment for a school project when I came up with this little guy.

Mounted B&W Photo

Mounted Black and White Image

I’m a big fan of black and white photography, so after taking a photo of one of my parrots I came up with an idea to turn her image into such a shot that I’d been looking at.


Leaderboard Banner Ad

Well this is the last of the three Banners that I came up with that goes with the Mock Health and Beauty Poster, this is a Leaderboard size banner ad – this is fair common on many sites (first page mostly)


Wide Skyscraper Banner Ad

This is the second Banner created to go with the Rectangle Banner Ad as part of the series of three web banners that go with the mock Health and Beauty Poster that I posted earlier this month. This type/size of banner is more common then the Rectangle, thus you might see this size on more sites its also a higher profit size that sites can post because it takes up more room and thus the site can charge more for it to be placed on the site in general.


Rectangle Banner Ad

This was one of the three Web Banners that I created to go with the Mock Beauty and Health Poster that I created to showcase a semi modern poster/flyer design that I can do. Well this web banner ties into that concept, it is a Rectangle Banner Ad, which is not commonly used online anymore but there are sites that still offer this option to advertise with them.

Health and Beauty Poster MockUp

Beauty and Health – Mock-up Poster

Poster and Ad designs are something that people need when it comes to advertising their products, business and events, thus this was created as a way to show case that I can do something modern and a little outside of the normal when it comes to poster designs with the model images come from a freebie image share site. The concept is to promote a event for a company, with the poster I also created Web Banners to go with it, that I’ll be posting in short order as well for everyone to see (or just look under Gallery of Work for all portfolio works).

DVD Case MockUp

DVD Case Design

This was a concept/mockup that I came up for a client who was looking for cover design idea’s for a DVD. The landscape image is one that my dad took with his Canon F1 while over in the Isle Of Man.

Wolf Howl Poster

Wolf Howl Project – Poster

This poster was created using images and text provided by the Wolf Howl Project lead and was published in full CYMK Colour, it was also scaled down for publication in local papers and flayers. A version of it was saved in RBG and PDF for web distribution.