Swan and Canadian Goose - 2015

Swan and Canadian Goose

Going to various parks in Toronto can be fun and interesting, this was shot at High Park during the Apple Blossom event this year.

Fresh Ontario Berries - 2015

Fresh Ontario Berries

I love going to the local Farmers Market when I have the chance to do so, this is a shot of one of the hauls that I got, perfect summer sweets.

Colorado Springs, CO, USA - Sunset 2013

Colorado Springs, CO Sunset

While on vacation in Colorado Springs, CO, USA I took a lot of photographs this was one of many of them that I took and liked.

Canada Day - 2015

Canada Day Photo

This is a shot that I did for Instagram on Canada Day this year (2015), it was taken using the camera on my Phone

8 Bit Badge Pic - Commission

A 8 Bit Digital Badge of Seki

This is a commissioned pice of artwork that was dun as a printable badge (that is laminated and warn) for Seki of his fursona, it was dun in a 8 bit style.

Ana's Post Card

Ana’s Post Card Design

This is a concept/mockup for a Post Card that I came up for my client Ana as a item that she could have printed and give out at events or leave at various locations to showcase her business. The Images used in the post card where provided by the client.

Ana's Winter flyer

Ana’s Winter Flyer

This is a flyer/poster that I created for Ana that was published to her site both as a RBG image and downloadable and printable CYMK PDF, images where provided by the client. The idea of the flyer/poster is to promote her business and in the process offers new clients a discount in her services.

spider carrying a coal on its back

The Spider

For another school project we where tasked in creating a fantasy creature, this spider with the ball in the middle of itself was one of a series of images that I came up with. The spider is intended to be carrying a hot amber coal upon its back.

Jinx the Lynx - RAVE Snap shot card

Jinx – The Lynx (RAVE Card)

On occasion I open up for doing what is known as Badge Commissions, the commissions tend to come from the Anthropomorphic community of what is called a Fursona and the badge is something that is worn out and about but mostly while in attendance of an event that is Anthropomorphic in nature. This image was created in Photoshop for Sam of her fursona known as Jinx, the Lynx. She provided a reference sheet of her fursona and gave permission to do as I pleased as long as I kept in the dance theme thus this is the end result of that commission.

Me Digital

5 Colour Image

The was created for a school project that we had to use a photograph and using a max of 5 colours recreate the photograph in Photoshop. I did two versions of this, one was grey scale, but I didn’t like how it looked so I did up one in Sepia tones which this was the result that I like the most to submit. I have since dun up other such portraits of people and animals well varying results and interest.