The Freelance Handbook – Review

I go though the web on a daily basis looking for inspiration and just following links that catch our attention one such link was found though twitter posted by Creative Blog that they where offering a free download of the Computer Arts published PDF called “The Freelance Handbook” which sounded like a interesting idea to […]

Web Design on a $hoestring

Web Design on a $hoestring Carie Bickner New Riders – Voices That Matter ISBN# 0-7357-1328-6 37.99 CAN / £19.50 Net UK / 24.99 USA Well at first appearance looking at the cover of the book you are intrigued to take a closer look, why? Simple, who in the Web Design industry has not been faced […]

Photoshop CS – Down & Dirty Tricks

Photoshop CS – Down & Dirty Tricks Scott Kelby New Riders: Voices That Matter ISBN# 0-7357-1353-7 $60.99 CAN, £30.99 Net UK and $39.99 USA User Level: Intermediate to Advanced Are you a Photoshop fan? How about a Scott Kelby fan? Well if you are both or either, you will likely be pleased with this latest […]

iPhoto 2

This book is an updated version of the previous book iPhoto. The number of pages has been increased from 288 to 336. However, I think this still is not a good choice of a program to do some serious retouching. Anyone who spends good money on a good digital camera who wants to achieve good […]

Digital Video Guide

This book like the others done by the same author falls short, as far as I am concerned. There are several errors that will cause problems. First problem presented in both books is with the use of a polarizing filter. The use is a good idea but, you have to obtain the correct one. There […]