Web Design on a $hoestring

Web Design on a $hoestring
Carie Bickner
New Riders – Voices That Matter
ISBN# 0-7357-1328-6
37.99 CAN / £19.50 Net UK / 24.99 USA

Well at first appearance looking at the cover of the book you are intrigued to take a closer look, why? Simple, who in the Web Design industry has not been faced with a small budget, but a large project? Answer virtually no one that I know of.

This book is aimed at those of us who are already into Web Design, but there is information in the book that is good for those who are just starting out in the Web Design field.

What I like about the book is the author’s own experiences regarding what she has gone though, the various charts printed in the book regarding on how to search for hosts, and money saving ideas, It is a good reference guide.

The book is very practical when it comes to what one should be looking for when working on a site, from cost cutting, and doing it yourself without out sourcing the material. While this book might not be for those who are already in the field, it does make an interesting read, and if you have experienced some of the authors problems you can have a good laugh, and feel that at least your not the only one out there taken for a smuk by any one company/group.

I do like the section of CMS (Content-Management Systems). It gives a good overview of what one might look into when trying to select such a system for their site/business. Although I do feel that the author does not give as much credit towards open-source CMS as is given to other forms of CMS.

As far as the book going into about Web Design, I’m afraid that that is not the case, the book does not go into it. At least not to what most people would understand it to be. This book is more a heads up of what has happened to the industry over the past several years and what one as a Web Designer now really needs to contend with. The book does assume that you have some kind of web experience with HTML and other codes.

If you are looking for a book on Web Design this is not the book for you. If you are looking for a book that gives you ideas as to how you might get a project off the ground without spending big bucks, then this book might be a helpful book to go though.

Rated: 3.5 out of 5 Mac’s
Reviewer: Nyx Wolfwalker
First Published On: October 27th, 2003

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