MedicalAlert – No Child Without program…

Well it might not really be that local but it does effect all children across Canada not just those who are here in the Beach area of Toronto, so thought I’d pass this on to my viewers because it does appear that its finally taking off the ground, and MedicAlert is now in the process of a 5 year program to help all children in the education system who need a medical alert braclet get one, at least till they are 14 years of age that is, then they are on their own.

“The No Child Without program is a new program developed to ensure children across Canada from Junior Kindergarten up to 14 years of age with medical conditions, allergies or special needs are protected by the Canadian MedicAlert Foundation.”

While it does sound like a great program, I do so hope that it also teaches the children tollerance, I grew up wearing such a braclet since I was like 3 years of age and got nothing but intollerance towards me because of it, the children around me called me names in referance to it, and even their parents where intolerant once they saw it – as in I wasn’t welcomed in their homes or around their child. They never thought to ask why I had it only that I had it thus something really bad must be wrong with me, thus the best way of keeping their child safe was to make sure I wasn’t around there child what so ever (blasted twits the lot of them).

Well take care everyone

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