iPhoto 2

This book is an updated version of the previous book iPhoto. The number of pages has been increased from 288 to 336. However, I think this still is not a good choice of a program to do some serious retouching. Anyone who spends good money on a good digital camera who wants to achieve good results in image manipulation should opt for Photoshop and learn what the professionals use. This program is free with the computer you buy. The retouching section of this program is very limited in how it manipulates your images. Raw and Tiff images will not work with this program. The images are converted to jpeg and saved in this format. Also, the slide show maxs out at 90 images. Anyone who has done any multi media shows knows more images are required for a good show. After all the Kodak Carousel trays hold 80 images and if you use two projectors that is 160 images. To me 90 images should be increased to at least 3 or 4 times this number.

The book is broken down into five main sections. The first part Digital Cameras covers how to buy, what to look for, and different functions of the cameras. The 3rd chapter tells you how to shoot in various areas does not cover the areas well. I think if you read your manual with your camera in your hands and as you read try out what the manual tells you. This will make more sense of the confusing section about camera functions. Some of the features you may have, while others may be absent. So learn to use what you have. Remember it is the person behind the camera that controls what the camera does. So, learn to be in control and have the camera do what you want it to do. You have the control, if you only take the time to learn how to master your camera.

Part two iPhoto Basics contains 3 chapters. This tells about the application and how to import your images into the program. Importing various ways allows you to bring images into iPhoto. Since the major camera manufacturers cameras use a USB connection plugging the camera into the USB connection of the computer. This is not that difficult. Albums and their creation, to me, are just a waste of time and money. To me you can run into trouble very quickly if you are not careful. The ends to me do not justify the means. As said the editing to me is a laugh. The controls in editing are so limited. Photoshop is the standard that other image editing programs are compared too. The new features of Photoshop 7 or 8 make this program the choice for manipulation and printing.

Part three, Meet your Public, contains 6 chapters. How to do a slide show is explained but since it is limited to only 90 images to me it is a waste of time using this section. Ordering prints on line may be what you want to do. However, if you use Photoshop the options are greater when you want prints. As far as publishing a PhotoBook It is both expensive and your choices are not that great.

Part four, iPhoto stunts.

The chapter on Applescript is not as simple at it is written in the book. If you do not know what you are doing it can cause you much grief. The file management system is not a true DAM ( digital asset management) program. It is not as functional as it could be even if you go the apple web site to improve the functionality of the application still is not great. You will be better to obtain a commercial version of one of the DAM programs. You can download versions so that you may try them before you purchase them.

Part five contains the appendixes The one on troubleshooting is short and does not cover that much. The Menu goes through each section this is as exciting as watching paint dry.

This book is not one where I have found little useful information. The book is thicker but I am still not impressed with the book. The program is not impressive to warrant a book about it. The retouching section needs a complete overhaul to give it some funuctality that makes some good reason to use the program. I am very disappointed that a company like Apple would write a program with very little value in the retouching section. To me this is the reason to use a program like this. I am not impressed so I guess it is time to now work on some of my images in Photoshop so I can manipulate them the way they should be done.

Rating: 2 out of 5 Macs
reviewed by: A Wright
First Published: October 9th 2003

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