Old style Slide Mock-up

Playing around in Photoshop seeing if I could make a mock up of an old style slide and this is the result of that. The photograph was taking using a Nicon 995 and are photo’s of one of my companions.

Business Card - version 00

Business Card Designs

Business Card - version 0
There are millions of designs for Business Cards out there in the world today and even many programs that are aimed at those who wish to make their own business card, thus I thought that I would showcase two of my business card concepts, more concepts will be posted in the future these are just two of many that I’ve come up with over the years.

Ana Poster v1

Ana Franolic’s Flyer/Poster Design

This is a flyer/poster that I created for Ana that was published to her site both as a RBG image and downloadable and printable CYMK PDF, images where provided by Ana.

Poster MockUp

Poster Mock-up

In school we had to create a poster mock-up that was going to be for a fake movie, the above is my result that I came up with and got an A+ on it.

House For Sale - Site

House For Sale – WebSite

This site was created to help a client sell their home themselves without the use of an agent to do so, and yes it did work the house was on the market for less then a month before being sold, over asking price.

eMail Signature

eMail Signature Design

This was something that was created to show a client how they could improve their personal email signature that they where using when sending out professional style email to other potential and current clients.

G2G Poker Poster

Poker Poster

A client was needing an ad for his business to promote it within Magazines and other printed material, the above is the image that was delivered in CYMK format.

Niagara Falls at night

Niagara Falls at Night

I like taking photo’s and this was one of the photo’s I took using a Nicon 995 while at the Falls and in Photoshop was playing around with what I could do with it, the above is the end result.

Multi Wolf Poster

Multi Wolf

This image was created using Photoshop for a class project, we needed to collect images from the web and put them into a theme, I chose wolves and to put them inside the drawing of a wolf.