Marketing Yourself and Business

MarketingThere is so much out there when it comes to learning about marketing yourself, your site and even your business and of course a combo of them all. Social media had bought a LOT to the table of connecting with people from around the world that years ago you never had a hope of connecting with unless you made such contacts during your travels and even then it might not be fruitful at all, but in todays world some of these contacts are just clicks away.

Learning to get the most out of each area of social media can be a daunting task to get your head around if you are trying to do it all yourself without paying another to do it for you. The basics for some of this are simple yet involve you actually reading some of the content that has been posted and written about the topic and giving yourself a basic idea of what is involved, such as there is actually a time for when its best to post to Twitter vs Facebook – you might think that they are one and the same, but the reality is the two platforms have different demographics when it comes to when its best to publish content to them to get the max amount of potential viewers.

Also when it comes to marketing yourself, know who your target audience is going to be. If you are targeting the corporate world, then posting your content during the peek office hours might be a good idea or it might not depending on the platform you are posting it to, like LinkedIn it would not be a good idea to post such content during working hours because its the low hours for it, yet posting something after 5 by before midnight might well get it seen by more people type deal. Targeting stay at home mom’s or the like then posting to Facebook between 9am and midnight is a wide window of opportunity in general, twitter similar deal for posting time period, but like all things these vary depending on who your audience is and what their general patterns are for viewing the platforms you will be promoting yourself on.

There are many online tools that can help you market your web site such as…

  • SurveyMonkey which is helpful in gathering information, you can post a survey asking people general or specific questions about a project or product etc even other information that you are trying to get a idea of.
  • Using a program such as TweetDeck to schedule tweets in advance can be a useful tool when you wish to make the most of the time online, even Hootsuite offers the ability to schedule posts to twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN and a few other’s.
  • If you are trying to figure out trends that might help you market yourself or business, Google Trends might be a handy tool to be able to do this, you put in what you are trying to track and it will give you possible answers that might or might not be relevant to your subject matter.
  • Another great tool that you should get into using and reviewing is Google’s Web Master Tools – not directly aimed at helping you promote yourself, but it is most helpful in working with your web site to help get your content indexed and seen by those searching for what you have to offer – mostly deals with the SEO side of things of site optimization but still a great resource for ones web site and understanding what people are look at when they view your site.

Over all there are many things that you need to do to get yourself and your business out there and learning the basics from sites that offer various sources of information are helpful in this quest, remember knowledge is power – this hasn’t changed in the digital age its as true now as it was in the past.

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