UPDATE: Projects

Well there are a few projects that are currently in progress, two of them are in the wrapping updates with one being completed by tomorrow for delivery to the printers on Monday Morning.

Because a few projects are in the final stages we’ve opened up the Cue for a couple more new projects to be added to the work flow, which is great to see.

One project that will be completed by next Wednesday is just in the review stage now from the client thus will be able to put that to bed shortly with the rest of their projects that we’ve been working on for the past few months.

Projects In the Cue
* 1016FE
* 2016FE
* 0016SB
* 1016AF

Completion Cue
* 3016FE
* 4016FE
* 0016AF

Completed Cue
* 0016FE
* 0016NC

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