New Projects

Well there have been a few new projects that have come my way this month, one client has a few that they are working to get off the ground which should prove to be interesting as the projects are various and involve both web and graphic work, maybe some desktop publishing work as well (not sure as yet).

Another project that’s in progress is a continuation of another from early in the year that was handed off as complete and now the next part is getting ready to start, right now mostly talking and shooting ideas around for possible options and concepts so nothing to sink our teeth into as yet, but still good to be part of a sound board to get ideas tossed around and help to make real.

Other then that, not much is new around here other then we have the Pan Am Games here in Toronto and it is causing a few issues with traffic and getting around the city in general, but it was expected to be a issue – though in truth some of the issues its caused where not in the cards I don’t think (or if they where, they where not well broad cast to the general public).

Well post more in short order, take care everyone!

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