Maintain a Project List

We all know that to keep things fresh and new and up to date we need to keep our work ever on the move and thus we end up with lists upon lists of ideas of what we think we need to do and what we really wish to do – they get ever longer the more you add to the ideas and at times it can be over whelming that you might never get though the list that you build of the projects that you’d like to work on or if you do work on them they evolve into a different direction that you where not thinking about at the time thus put it back on the pile of possible projects to go back to for another kick at the can (if the side track doesn’t give you good material to work from).

There are many articles online that deal with working with those lists and projects and everything in between for the freelancer to what have you, one such article from LifeHacker called How to Maintain a Project List that Doesn’t Crush Your Soul that I did find useful to various degrees and hope that you also find in parts or in full to be of use to you as well.

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