Facebook, twitter n google updates

Well, with summer almost here it’s time to change a few things up – which means making things fresh and doing a little “spring” cleaning so to speak, so test that means going though the twitter account and seeing who we’re following who hasn’t tweeted in a year or more and unfollowing them (don’t like doing it, but dead accounts don’t do anyone any good).

Along with that I’m working on updating the images that we’re using to give them a spring/summer feel – so that will be up shortly (in the next day or two).

Facebook wise, still trying to get the site integrated better with it – with the new things that have come down we’ve had a few broken connections that have prevented the site from connecting with our FB page (always fun trying to trouble shoot those issues).

Google Plus, that is something that I admit I am still not fully using which is not helping to promote the site or business – I hope in short order to be making better use of the G+ account but like a lot of things its one account that I have noticed other’s are not sure about either.

Well post more as time passes, take care everyone!

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