Designs and Ideas

Been working on a new set of projects for a client.

One design was going well, but it wasn’t as original as it could be – so changed it up and put in a few of my own ideas from observations that I’d made, with luck the client will like the updated version.

When it comes to designing ideas, it can be hard to come up with original concepts because a lot of things have already been dun before thus you are having to strive for something that is as close to original as is possible, even if it feels impossible to do it can be dun with enough time and effort to do so.

The one good thing, is that I did learn that the client likes certain things when it comes to designs so that’d been filed away for future things that might be useful. It also gives an idea for another project that was being worked on, and something I might change for another logo that I had been working on to make it more modern styled – though the current concept is sound, its still lacking punch (which the new idea might just push it into that punch, will have to see how that does over the weekend).

Well take care everyone, hope you are enjoying the Pan Am Games and in general having a safe week – post more shortly, take care!

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