Creative Blog has a FREE eBook on offer

There are many things out there that as designers many of us are always looking to improve on so we might spend hours looking online for ideas, inspirations and in short knowledge. Some of us look though books and have whole libraries on the matter that we look at from time to time, other’s have a vast digital library that they access – then you have the rest who have a combo of the two and who like me is always looking for more knowledge and to update their skill sets or at least see what other’s are suggesting that you might not already know or do.

With that in mind I downloaded the FREE eBook that Creative Blog had on offer today (no idea how long its going to be offered free, the site doesn’t say that I saw) The Freelance Handbook: download this free 116-page ebook right now and that is what I did, I signed up to get the download.

The basics of the eBook are according to the info from the site..
Go it alone (something a lot of us who do this as a personal business need to know), Win more clients
Work smarter (think this applies to not just those of us who work from home, but anywhere for that matter)
Manage your money (something every one can benefit from to various degrees)
Be more business savvy (not sure about this section, but it sounds interesting)
Promote yourself (in this ever changing social media world this is something that trying to keep up with isn’t as easy at times as it might be)
Well-being (we all know that at time we take on a LOT because we need to pay the bills that at times we get into burnout)
Essential resources (one of the reasons that I wonted to see the ebook because new resources are always a good thing)

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